Essential Family Camping Tips

With the recession in full-swing many people are camping for their vacations. The popularity of camping is on the rise and this bandwagon is definitely worth jumping aboard. The connection with nature and loved ones that camping brings has value that is immeasurable. Camping is a great way to build deep and close relationships with family members. Shared experiences and memories help you to communicate and connect throughout life. Here are some tips to make your camping trip more safe and enjoyable.
Make a checklist of camping supplies and camping “to do’s” in preparation of camping. Also make a checklist of safety concerns, especially if RV camping. RV’s have a list of safety precautions that must be checked often.
Be sure bring a fire extinguisher and be well-aware of how to use it in case of an emergency.
Practice using your camping gear before hand to ensure you are familiar with how to set-up and use it properly.
In case you become injured or ill, you will need to take care of yourself before finding help. Be sure to always have a first aid kit with you and become familiar with basic first aid techniques.
Bring tin foil. You can cook so many meals within a tightly wrapped package of tinfoil. It is okay to be creative with meals. You do not have to settle for hamburgers and hot dogs every night. Think herbs, olive oil, steak, salmon, baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Many meals can be prepared or partially prepared ahead of time, before you get to camp.
Your camping gear does not have to be expensive. If you are not ready to make any purchases consider renting. Many outfitters and camping stores offer tents and gear for rent.
If you get stranded somewhere you can eat grass, grasshoppers, clover, pine needles, slugs and flies. This should be inspiration enough to keep the next tip in mind.
Stay on the trails and do not wander away. Going into the wilderness unprepared can have very devastating results for adults and children alike. Always keep a compass and map on hand. If you can purchase a GPS system. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back.
Bring an outdoor rug. It will reduce the amount of dirt you track into your tent or RV and give a very warm and cosy feeling to your campsite. Make camping as much of a home away from home as possible. Pack a hand broom and dustpan also to keep things tidy.
Bring lots of light sources and lots of extra batteries. Have spare sets of batteries for the spare set.
Shower curtains make great ground tarps, especially when being frugal.
Use biodegradable soaps, detergents and shampoos and be sure to use them at least 200 feet away from water sources. All soaps, even biodegradable ones can contaminate water sources.
Consider making your camping trip as green and organic as possible. This will help you connect with nature and yourself in a very loving, compassionate way. Many health food stores now carry vegetable based tableware that is biodegradable.
Be sure to practice the ‘Leave No Trace’ Rule and leave your camp in better condition than you found it.
Take all your trash with you and dispose of it properly. Although waste food is often biodegradable it can take some time to break down and while this is occurring many wild animals will be attracted to the smell. They could make quite a mess with your left over mess and possible even get sick.
Be sure to avoid eating or having any kind of food in your tent – ever. Store coolers in the trunk of the car or string your food high in a tree to keep wild animals from getting a hold of it.
Never ever pack your tent, clothing or sleeping gear away wet, making it prone to mildew. Make sure everything is dried thoroughly. It might seem like common sense but the importance of this reminder can not be stressed enough.
Bring a hammock and thank me later.
If sleeping on the ground doesn’t seem much fun or comfortable consider an air mattress.
Do not light fires unless there is a designated place to build a fire or it is essential for your survival.
Bring duct tape. You can use it to patch tents and so much more.Closing Notes:Camping should be enjoyed. It is a time to relax, connect with nature and each other. You could camp every day of your life and each day brings a different experience to the table. I have found that getting out into the elements and connecting allows me to truly come alive. I hope it does this for you too. I wish you success and joy and lots and lots of camping fun and memories.