Reducing Stress For Health and Fitness Success

The new lifestyle that we all lead today can be both a bane and boon to our health and fitness. With the technologies that we have available now, it seems that work follows us everywhere. It seems we sometimes find ourselves unable to even lift ourselves out of our computer chairs. It is becoming more and more common that people wake up and realize how sedentary and stress-filled their lives have become. This is a good thing. As I teach my health club clients, reducing stress and increasing physical activity and the most important things we can do to improve our lives and our health.What keeps us from becoming healthy?
No one can escape the fact that convenience is right at our fingertips; with cars, the computer, internet, and all these remote controls, who can blame us for becoming more and more inactive. It is true that our minds are always stimulated, but while it has become the age of the intelligent and comprehending minds, it has also become a world of physical ineptitude. Let us face it; probably the only things that get real exercise aside from our brains are our hands and fingers. Couple that lack of physical activity with the stress of never-ending deadlines, economic challenges and the constant demands of daily life and you can easily see where we’re headed.With this realization, nobody wonders why the couches of psychologists and psychiatrists are always occupied. The demand for anti-depressants has risen in unbelievable proportions. Everyone is suffering from stress, in one form or another. You get anxious because of the competitiveness of the workplace; you get stressed because of the demands in your household. With all of this pressure we tend to push our own well being into the back of our minds. In effect, we de-prioritize our own bodies. Stress levels soar and sometimes we let it go too far and we suffer from various illnesses that crop up because of it.How do we get our mental and physical fitness back to the top of the ‘To Do’ list?
Enlist the help of friends and family. Make health and fitness a group priority. Consult with a professional, like the team of fitness and nutritional experts that make up our Ontario health clubs. Being healthy and reducing stress in your life means forming healthy habits. Sometimes being part of a fitness group or joining a gym where you have space and time for yourself can be a great advantage. More and more people are realizing the importance of fitness success in the achievement of lifetime goals. After all, what good can it do you if you have a world full of opportunities when you have a body and a psyche that cannot handle it?Getting advice from professionals can be important. Visiting with trainers and nutrition counselors is very beneficial in helping us understand how slowing down and taking time to be in an appropriate diet and exercise program is advantageous in the long run. After then, we need to make ourselves willing and able to put our hearts and minds into this health routine.Stress is a crucial matter that you need to address; when stress and anxiety levels are too high, you will have a difficult time putting work down and setting aside time and space to make room for personal well-being. For instance, you feel too anxious to get the most of an exercise program when you are thinking of how much time you will have left to make dinner or beat a deadline in the office. Or. Sometimes, you cannot even enjoy a meal because all the tasks that you need to finish are running in your mind.How do you deal with this? One answer is to organize your schedule, take control of your time and look for unnecessary things that waste time. Knowing what you have to do and writing it down can help immensely in keeping your life in the right perspective. Creating a schedule that allows you to finish everything on time will allow you to see that you can make time for yourself. If your ‘To Do’ list is out of control try delegating some tasks to work subordinates, team members or family members. But, and this is important, you also have to make room for the unexpected. Acknowledge the fact that you cannot control everything that happens; the world does not revolve around you after all and it will not stop working if you spend a few hours taking care of yourself.

Camping Water Filter: Options For The Camp Site

A camping water filter for your camp site differs from one for hiking or backpacking in a number of ways. Where you’ll want to compromise on volume & ease of use for light-weight & compact-size for backpacking, the campsite doesn’t require these sacrifices. At camp you’ll find that you want a little more convenient access to clean water, not only for drinking, but for cooking & cleaning too. This means more capacity. There are lots of different camping water filtration options on the market, and by looking at camping water filter reviews, you’ll be able to find the best option for your needs.Here are just some of the best options when you’re looking for a camping water filter for your camp site:Katadyn Base Camp
The Katadyn Base Camp comes from one of the most trusted names in portable water filtration, it’s super easy to use, and can purify more than enough water, quick enough, for even the busiest campsite. The gravity style water filter can get about 2.5 gallons of water treated in just fifteen minutes, so it’s one of the faster gravity options on the market. This may also work as a good option for a larger hiking party, since it can roll up into quite a compact space.Katadyn KFT Expedition
The Katadyn KFT Expedition is a pump style model that doesn’t weigh a whole lot and can pump about a gallon of water a minute. If you’re filtering water for a very large group of people, this is definitely one of the best options to check out. Camping water filter reviews rate it especially positive since it has one of the highest flow rates on the market! It’s especially popular with the white-water rafting crowd because it can provide large volumes of clean water in a short period of time.Katadyn Gravidyn
The Gravidyn can get through about 150,000 liters of water on just one cartridge, and you can use the cartridge over and over. It’s a great option for up to about six people, and it doesn’t need pumping to get your water clean. It features a fast flow rate, though not quite as fast as the expedition, and it filters using separate active carbon and ceramic filters, which means you not only get water that’s safe to drink, but it tastes good too.MSR AutoFlow
The MSR AutoFlow is similar to the Katadyn Base Camp, in that you just fill the bag, hang it up, and let gravity push your water through the filtration. It has a replaceable cartridge which makes it last longer, and it’s one of the simplest gravity options to back flush so your flow rate stays high day after day. You can actually clean this camping water filter without disassembling it, which makes it much easier to service in the field.Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter
The Platypus CleanSteam is a popular option because it can filter water while hooked up to your backpack. It features two bladders – one for dirty water and one for clean water – so you just have to hang the dirty bladder a little higher than the clean one, and it will work anywhere. It’s also a great choice for a trip with several people.Choosing a water filter for your base camp can be difficult, but knowing what’s out there will help you find a filter that suits the needs of your particular camping party.

Pilates Revealed – The Top 7 Pilates Benefits For Health and Fitness

Pilates may seem like a new fad in exercise routines, but it has been around for a long time.  Many people are still unaware of the benefits of Pilates.  This type of exercise promotes inner health and total body fitness. While many people workout just to try and improve their physical appearance, they miss the more important component of improving the condition of their body.  Pilates makes you look good on the outside because you are healthy on the inside.Common users of this type of exercise include dancers, runners, gymnasts, and those in the sports medicine industry.  Trainers and physical therapists often use it to help their patients recover from injury and strengthen weak areas as part of injury prevention.Here are the Top 7 benefits for overall health and fitness:1.  Pilates Improves Overall Body AwarenessOne thing that teachers will say about the difference between Pilates and the standard workout regimen of weight lifting and cardio/aerobic exercise is that it promotes overall awareness of the body.  And, this translates from focused exercises to better posture and overall strength in every day life.  The traditional style of working out generally focuses on the body’s extremities, i.e. the arms and legs.  Pilates on the other hand, increases balanced control and strength for the whole body. 2.  Pilates Strengthens The Body’s CoreYour body core is the main part of your body in and around your back and abdomen.  These muscles are what give you your posture and overall appearance.  This practice is beneficial because it provides flexibility in your core as well as toning.  Specific breathing and stretching exercises work to target and strengthen your core.3.  Pilates Increases One’s Body ControlEven though you are able to move different body parts independently, your body is one cohesive unit that is meant to function and move with fluidity.  Pilates teaches proper body positioning and movement.  When bad habits and posture are corrected you will have better overall control of your body.  Think of stars like Madonna and Cameron Diaz, they have used it to develop strength and control in their bodies.  And, on the red carpet they are picture perfect.4.  Pilates Prevents InjuriesBecause it is a total body balance exercise program, all of your muscles are equally strengthened and developed.  Injuries occur most when some part of your body is out of balance or weak.  So, by increasing your overall body control and strength you will prevent injuries.5.  Pilates Improves PostureDid you know that correct posture can actually make you look up to tem pounds lighter without losing an inch?  This exercise improves your posture because of the increased body awareness and core strength.  A stronger core makes it much easier to stand up straight.6.  Pilates Improves Range Of Motion And FlexibilityOne benefit of this exercise is that makes it popular among dancers, runners, and especially women in general is the increased range of motion and flexibility that you develop through these exercises.  It is a total body synergy workout that stretches the muscles to make them long and lean, which is ideal for those who don’t want to bulk up. 7.  Pilates Improves Blood CirculationBecause it focuses on breathing technique and flexibility, the two combined provide better circulation for the body.  Blood flows to muscles easier when they are stretched out.  And oxygen aids in the all-important production of new blood cell.Anyone can benefit from the practice of this exercise.  You can get involved with this kind of exercise at home through videos and friends who do it, or consider joining a Pilates class at your local fitness center.